MailCleaner 安装记录

By | 2018-11-27
Q: Monitoring –> Logs 页面中没有任何log生成
A:执行 /usr/mailcleaner/scripts/cron# ./
Q: SSH连接服务器防火墙规则,允许所有网络连接SSH
A:变更 iptables 规则
iptables -A INPUT -s -p tcp -m tcp –dport 22 -j ACCEPT

Q: 无法发信以及 log 中出现
failed to open /var/mailcleaner/spool/tmp/mailcleaner/domains.list for linear search: No such file or directory
A: 这是因为数据库未同步的问题,无法生成domains.list 列表

执行 /usr/mailcleaner/bin/ 即可解决


file not dumped, no domain could be retrieved at ./ line 65.



on all hosts, try this:

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> /usr/mailcleaner/bin/

This will rebuild the database sync. You may try to remove the master's binary file first:

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> rm /var/mailcleaner/log/mysql_master/mysql_bin.*
> rm /var/mailcleaner/spool/mysql_master/mailcleaner-bin.*

Q: 管理员每5分钟收到一封通知信,内容为以下:
“Invalid graph type: none at /usr/local/share/perl/5.20.2/RRDTool/ line 1110.”
A:这是因为Perl 版本不兼容的问题,请执行以下命令即可解决
Q: Log信息中有以下错误:
Warning: No server certificate defined; will use a selfsigned one.
Suggested action: either install a certificate or change tls_advertise_hosts option
A:勾选 Configuration -> SMTP -> TLS/SSL 即可解决